BushBarrier | FAQ
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Are other non-listed vehicles available?

Please contact us if you are after a vehicle and can’t see it on the site. In most cases we can custom make a set of skins for any vehicle.

Can Bush Barrier cause any damage to my vehicle?

Bush Barrier panels are rubber based and are designed as a temporary fitting to a 4×4 vehicle. Bush barrier must be removed from a vehicle on a daily basis and used within a temperature range of 10-30 degrees. C. If the above recommendation is not followed there is potential for the material to begin to stick causing difficulty in removing the panels, and in severe cases may even stick to the paintwork.
Remember, Bush Barrier will provide invaluable protection for your vehicle as long as you follow the instructions.
Important: Bush Barrier is to be used as a temporary product for preventing scratches to your vehicle whilst on 4×4 tracks.
If you require a more permanent solution, please explore other options such as vehicle wraps.

Are panels available for my canopy or other area?

Absolutely as long as the area is a ferrous metal. Please measure your required area and contact us for details.

Will I lose my Bush Barrier at highway speeds?

Maybe, Bush Barrier is designed to be used in offroad conditions and at speeds of up to 80kph. It will most likely stay on your vehicle at higher speeds but why risk it?

Can Bush Barrier be modified?

Yes, if you need to modify a skin for a snorkel or other accessory, simply mark and cut with a sharp Stanley knife, blade or textile scissiors.

How is Bush Barrier fitted to the vehicle?

Simply line up the panel starting at the top and apply pressure to the sheet, allowing it to bond with your vehicle. To remove simply peel the sheet back from one corner.

How is Bush Barrier cleaned?

Simply hose off or wash with a cloth. It can be easier to clean the material whilst still attached to the vehicle.

How should Bush Barrier be stored?

Bush Barrier is best stored flat, in a cool dry place. On top of shelving in the garage is perfect.

What if my vehicle has previous panel damage?

If your vehicle has sustained panel damage please use a small magnet to test whether bonding will occur. Please note if a filler or bog has been used it is unlikely the magnet will stick in this area. Our material can be trimmed around this area or tape may be used to hold down the panel protection sheet.

Contact Info

Email: service@bushbarrier.com.au
Phone: 1300 60 60 70